Robotic GRC | 365 Governance, Risk and Compliance

Current events confirm us that the boundaries between safe and unsafe world are dwindling. Regardless of whether the threats are wars, terrorist attacks, natural catastrophes, economic crimes, electoral votes, referendums, aggressive political rhetoric,  betrayal or infidelity and competition, companies need a new risk awareness.

Governments recognized this long ago and are also contributing to the risk increase. On the other hand, they increasingly tighten up the call for companies to better assess the impending risks. Compliance requirements are therefore tightened to varying degrees.

The pressure by competition through global digitization allows small competitors to systematically strengthen and appear good because they act out of a smaller and safer environment.

The global character of the corporations and the fact that they now only function in a hybrid network make them face a great challenge to better monitor threats.

In these uncertain times, we enable companies to better protect existing capital and to explore new developments.


ROBOTIC GRC | 365 is a managed service of VCA AG, which provides a detailed insight into the actual status of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (EU-GDPR or German EU-DSGVO)