The Age of Information

Traditional negative news products look at only a small fraction of publicly available information. This means institutions miss crucial information that should be influencing risk management decisions about customers, counterparties, and beneficial owners.

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies to aggregate and identify negative information, including:


    • Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Mining

Our patent pending methods allow us to scour more publically available information than any other application on the market.

The core of our solutions is risk predictive analysis that includes:


    • Reputational Risk
    • Country Risk
    • Natural Disasters Risk
  • Epidemic Risk
  • Crime Risk


By monitoring negative news and adverse media, our clients have an early warning system. In many cases a large amount of time elapses before watch lists are updated with events that are presently occurring. Other industry data solutions provide static information derived from conventional customer identification databases. Negative News Search in our solutions provide the next level of dynamic information about individuals and entities.

In its core, the engines efficiency is powered by intellectual property analytics that identify and then drive data to the user. The purity of the data eliminates invalid artificial intelligence or profiling results that have poisoned other data caches in the industry resulting in improper due diligence conclusions about individuals and entities.