It is no surprise that business executives are acutely aware of the massive power digitalization will have on their business. They strategize and organize to make their businesses relevant and competitive in a digital era where transformation is no longer a goal, but a continuous journey that is picking up the speed every day. Studies confirm that digital transformation is among the most business-critical priorities on the executive agenda

Of the 20 researched companies, 7 point to digital transformation as being the single most important priority on the executive agenda, while another 11 companies perceive it as being one of the most important priorities, with no other priority being more important. Only two interviewed executives identify digital transformation as being important, yet with one or more other priorities being more important.

Given these findings, the study fuels the notion of digital transformation no longer being a concept for the IT and technology departments, but among the most important priorities to master for today’s top management teams.

DIGTRA managed services are proven practical delivery tasks to assure organizations to keep their full identity while having the capability to prosper with a federated approach during their journey to DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION!

DIGTRA managed services include a high grade of software robotic process automation and therefore the price performance ratio is outstanding. This cerebral intelligence reduces human-errors and works independently with minimum of human-intervention. Comparing all tasks a reduction of 70-80% in a smoother operation.

Company thinks and acts ‘digital-first’