AIntuition Senior Manager’s Co-Partner


The digital era shortens the time between new information dramatically and oversupplies decision maker with information. The risk to miss business critical information is extremely high.

For the corporate management it is challenge to oversee the endless new events and permanently parse between relevant and non-relevant events for its global acting corporate.

Regardless of  external or internal events the successful C-Suite Executive is always expected to react and control the situation at any time. Their key tasks are to mitigate risk and achieve all necessary objectives while they address their uncertainty and act in future with integrity.

An essential success factor for senior executive is to get the internal and external streams in balance although they permanently change directions and speed. This imbalance will always stay or even get faster with the raising grade of digitalization.

AIntuition rapidly learns about your company, so it knows the core of your business, your employees, products, services. AIntuition permanently parse all information 24&7 connecting the dots between relevant and non-relevant events, so that anything important for your business is carefully calculated and put in perspective. In that way AIntuition reacts the way your C-Level management would. Here are couple of examples.

AIntution scans top-down hierarchy sending input for future tasks. After that it monitors whether the tasks are completed and archives all the important ones, so it can trace all the events.

AIntuition does Negative News Search on the whole business area, or even one of your units, managers, products and send the information to Chief-Risk-Officer or Chief-Marketing-Officer. Any issues with supplies it reports to Procurement or Compliance Management. Data security issues like GDPR sends to Chief-Security-Officer or Chief-Technology-Officer. Reputational issues of your business partners will be reported to Supply-Chain-Management and Production Management. Any activity of your competitors will be immediately send to Vice-President of Sales. The Chief-Legal-Office is notified on potential contractual issues, and in the case of natural disasters it can even act locally to prevent the major damage of your business.

VCA AG supports the C-Suite by launching the senior manager’s co-partner AIntuition.

Our artificial intuition … Your true knowledge.